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I have been a member of Women’s Writers WA since 1997. As I live 200 miles from Perth, I belong to a writer’s Circle and contribute to “Dreamweavers” magazine. I write short stories, poetry and articles on various subjects, including accounts of my travels to a number of overseas countries, the last of these being Nepal in 2007. I have also recently completed a children’s story.

In 2002, I won a prize for my poem “Fishing” which was also published in “Galloping On XIII.” Although I haven’t achieved a lot, I enjoy writing and battle hopefully on.


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 Kathy Brown has been writing light-hearted verses for over twenty years, and some on the subject of English grammar have been included in one of Zoltan Kovacs’ column in “The West Australian”.    Soon to be published, in both hardback and ebook format, is a “slim volume” entitled “The Life and Rhymes of Ermyntrude Blenkinnsop” which will be illustrated with sketches by Kathy’s daughter, Rosemary.    As well as Mr. Kovacs, Liz Byrski, Susan Maushart, Maeve Binchy and her husband, Gordon Snell, (himself a writer), have all said they enjoyed the rhymes
She can be contacted on
Please note email above is ermintrude(underscore)b@hotmail etc.
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Hi I'm Katherine Summers, a published author, columnist, copywriter and writer. I've written extensively for major newspapers and companies in the UK and Australia.

My first non-fiction novel, Dance For Your Daddy was a best seller in 2007. I write across all genres, love doodling and have degrees in art and education.

Check me out at or contact me at


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