Members' On-line Acknowledgments



Raelene Hall lives on a station in the East Gascoyne. She has written articles for print and online publications on varied topics including; education, Outback life, communications, nature, spirituality, families, technology, and the environment.

Raelene has self published a book of columns she wrote for the Geraldton ‘Midwest Times’.
She is interested in freelance writing, copywriting and editing. Contact her at

As well as her writing, Raelene is kept busy as editor and publisher of ‘Pedals’, the magazine of the ‘Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association’ as well as being Writing Circles Coordinator for the Society of Women Writers.



JACKSON writes and publishes poems, songs and prose, performs poetry and music, and edits and teaches poetry.

She is the founding editor of Uneven Floor poetry blogzine, at

In 2015 Jackson will be commencing a PhD in Writing at Edith Cowan University.

In 2014 she won the Ethel Webb Bundell Poetry Award and came second in the Glen Phillips Poetry Prize. In 2013 ( ) Mulla Mulla Press published Jackson's second collection lemon oil and Fremantle Press a micro-collection. She also released an album, The right metaphor.

Jackson's guest performances include the Tasmanian and Queensland Poetry Festivals. In 2009 she founded Perth Poetry Club. The National Library of Australia archives Jackson's collected poems and online home Proximity, at