Ingrid M. Smith

Ingrid was born of migrant parents who pioneered their own corner of rural New South Wales. Her Danish father and English mother encouraged reading at every level. The family home was full of books in different languages and of every subject possible.

Ingrid began writing very early, winning prizes whilst still at school. Aged 14 years, she was runner-up in a national writing contest for school students, sponsored by Peter Leyden Publishing.

Ingrid has lived and worked in many different places including London, Sydney and Canberra. She is married to Peter, a mainframe computer software engineer, and the couple has one daughter.

Inspired by the experiences of her own life, Ingrid writes mainly non-fiction stories and articles for magazines, newspapers, annuals and anthologies.

Motivated by the near-blindness of her now deceased mother, one of Ingrid’s goals is to make a wide range of reading choices available to people with visual difficulties. She also aims to encourage more reading in the younger generations.

She is very proud to be a member of The Society of Women Writers of Western Australia.

 Publications Include:

Little Australian Pony Girl in Large Print format for the visually impaired. 128 pages in length, fully illustrated with over 100 photographs

Little Australian Pony Girl ebook with new introduction and updates: especially edited for ebook format

My First Queensland Christmas: 7,000 word story for FOCS, United Kingdom

Laid-back Determination: short story for Reader’s Digest Australia

The Crown of Success: essay for Onwards and Upwards, United Kingdom

Emily: short story for the anthology, Memoirs from the Bay, Australia

Peter’s purchase: short story for the anthology, Memoirs from the Bay, Australia

Christmas Nativity: short story for the SWWWA anthology, Strands of Pearls

A Christmas Tale: short story for the SWWWA anthology, Wild Women of the West