Ingrid M. Smith
Little Australian Pony Girl



Writing has always been in my blood since a girl and at 14, I was runner-up at a National Writing Competition for High School Students sponsored by renowned published, Peter Leydon.

Inspired by the wonderful variety of daily life, I write mainly non-fiction stories and articles for magazines, newspapers and annuals.

My first book, Little Australian Pony Girl was published in 1996. It details the life of my daughter through a childhood encouraged by a rural upbringing and a love of animals.

“..pony washing time can often turn into a real family fun afternoon. Mum’s pet lamb Nugget decided to join in one afternoon. She was gently haltered using Mum’s unique, young stock halter innovation of soft stockings, and put in the line-up of waiting animals. She was given a full bath in the garden wheelbarrow and cuddled dry with towels. From this, Nugget emerged; soft, fluffy, coal black and as adorable as ever; she was now ready for her baby bottle of milk formula.“

Little Australian Pony Girl is 128 pages and illustrated with lively photographs. The book is available direct from Ingrid for AU$25 including postage and handling.


Key recent publications include:

  • The Crown of Success in May 2012 edition of Onwards and Upwards, United Kingdom
  • A Wonderful Tale in The People's Friend Winter Fiction Special Number 53, November 2011, United Kingdom
  • Christmas Nativity, a short story in the anthology, Strands of Pearls; A 30 Year Celebration of Women Writers, 2011, Australia
  • Laid-back Determination in the March 2011 edition of Reader’s Digest, Australia

Other publications include:

  • Coleen Clarke: Dalmeny Post Mistress and family friend, December 26th 2012 Edition of Rural Press, Narooma NSW.
  • Emily Smith, in October 2012 edition of Galston, Glenorie and Hills Rural Community News
  • Dorothy Thomsen in October 26th 2011 edition of Rural Press, Narooma N.S.W.
  • Books, Reading and Mother in July 2011 edition of the Abbey Guardian
  • Dalmeny in the 1960s in June 15th 2011 edition of Rural Press, Narooma N.S.W.
  • Empathy and Reading; Food for Thought in December 2010 edition of The Abbey Guardian.
  • Silver Sky Gum and Miss Emily Smith: A Salute to a very special Part Bred Australian Pony, APSB Journal 2004
  • My First Queensland Christmas, published in the Eighth Chalet School Annual 2003, United Kingdom
  • Glenorie, early winter morning, an original photograph, on front cover of June 22nd 2012 edition of Hills to Hawkesbury Living
  • Australian Native, the red flowering gum, an original photograph, on the front cover of August 31st 2012 edition of Hills to Hawkesbury Living.

Inspired by my mother, one of my goals is to make as wide a range of reading choices possible, available to people with visual difficulties. I also would like to encourage reading in the younger generation. .


Samples of Ingrid’s writing can be read at her exciting new website