Coleen Grundy
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A Matter of Course is the narration of a time gone by as the dreamtime encompasses the listener of another era. The discoveries emerge through the voice of Samantha as she sits quietly describing her life to a nurse in a hospital room where the love of her life lies. Personal hardship is narrated to the young as they draw closer at the enormity of the storyteller’s narrative. The narration becomes a life once again as time catches up and the past becomes the present and the present is interwoven with the future.

And Then Is Now becomes highlighted  ... Trepidation, adventure, danger, death, lust, love, excitement, passion, inclusion, - the year 2053. They are finally ready to meet their creators and the future is asked to find a solution to nuclear waste rods buried in the West Australian desert, but the future does not know how to do this except jettisoning loaded rockets to the dark side of the sun. This is when their adventure begins ... again. This is when the loves between these women strengthen and passion being explored in the most delightful of places.


Beyond Thoughts Beyond Reasons The planet Emel keeper of the creators of the universe makes movements to relocate Earth but as they know it the Blue planet to the mother universe known as the Karzuit universe. This required for safety the Milky Way to be moved through the stagnant black hole. Sajay the High Priestess uses untold powers to create her dream, finally the leader of Earth named Tara is placed before her and passion starts making their role together stronger. Then as time permits Sajay states the hold Tara has is because Tara is her mirror. This mirror has opened Emelians to violence.




This is the trilogy of discovery that has been written from the year 2019 to the year in 2053 spanning 34 years in total inside the novels ... it depicts three main women characters, enhancing one woman in each novel as we discover their live and adventure displaying how they have grown and how and why the growth was required.


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