Strands of Pearls
Strands of Pearls is a compilation of prose and poetry
from members of The Society of Women Writers, WA
to commemorate their 30th anniversary.
Strands of Pearls illustrates the creativity of members
and the dedication of The Society of Women Writers, WA
to cater for all women writers throughout Western Australia.

Released: 2011

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 The Silver Collection

 To celebrate the Society of Women Writers WA 25th anniversary,

this wonderful collection of short stories, poetry and articles
represents a broad selection of writings by the Society's membership
and is an entertaining read for all ages.

Released: 2007

Cost: $5.00 plus $5.00 postage and handling

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 A collection of stories and poetry that takes the reader

from the beginning of the 1900s along a fascinating trail
through the century. This collection reminds us of the enormous changes
that have taken place in Australia throughout the 20th century.


Released: 2000

Price: $5.00 plus $5 postage and handling

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All books can also be ordered through:
The Society of Women Writers WA
PO Box 434
Northbridge    WA  6865